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Bass Boat Instant Shine

Cleaner, Protectant & Polish in one easy step!
Formulated for fiberglass gel coat, painted plastic and metal, and most surfaces found on bass boats.
Spray it on / Wipe it off

In one easy application, Captain Gary's Bass Boat Instant Shine safely cleans, protects, and polishes your boat. It safely cleans and removes harmful water spots, lake scum, and exhaust film which may damage your boat by slowly etching the surface. Fast-acting ingredients deliver a long-lasting and durable protected finish on your boat. Apply Bass Boat Instant Shine to your boat, motor, seats, console, trailer, and tires after exiting the water, while at home, or at the hotel, With a clean cloth wipe down the entire boat, leaving it fully protected with a showroom shine. With the continued use of Bass Boat Instant Shine, your boat, motor, trailer, and all accessories will retain a deep, rich color and will be protected against harmful environmental elements including harsh UV rays. Caring for your bass boat's exterior should not be a dreaded time-consuming chore, after a day of fishing and fun. Works extremely well on your truck, car, and RV also.

bass boat picture bass boat instant shine

Captain Gary, along with the input from his fishing and boat owner friends, designed Captain Gary's Bass Boat Instant Shine, a product that is revolutionizing the bass fishing circuit! Captain Gary's Bass Boat Instant Shine has already become the product of choice for many bass boat owners. Bass Boat Instant Shine is different than other similar products in that it is truly a one step product. While your boat is wet or dry, spray a small amount of Bass Boat Instant Shine and wipe it down with a clean cloth. Your boat is now cleaned, protected and polished, in one easy and quick step. Captain Gary's Bass Boat Instant Shine does not leave any oily residue and does not turn to a white slimy mess when wet. It leaves your boat looking clean with a showroom shine. By using Captain Gary's Marine Care Products on your boat, you can protect your investment for years to come.

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16 oz. Spray Bottle $12.95
1 Gallon Refill $30.00
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