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Tips For Keeping Your Boat Looking New

Use only Marine Cleaners and Soaps. Do not use household cleaners and detergents. "Dish Soap" is designed to 'cut through grease' and oil, which means it, will quickly remove the polish on your boat. Never use household bleach on your boat. Also, household scouring detergents such as soft scrub (and the like) will not only clean the stain away but will scratch into the gel coat and thereby clean the shine away too after a couple of uses. Leaving your boat dirty allows dirt and grit to be ground into the gelcoat. Only use Captain Gary's BOAT SOAP or Captain Gary's ALL-PURPOSE BOAT SOAP with POLISH which are both designed for gelcoat, and painted surfaces. They are safe and will not strip the polish or scratch the gel coat. Captain Gary's CLEAN & SHINE DETAIL SPRAY can also be used to help keep your boat clean while it continuously replenishes the polish during each application.

Keep Your Boat Coated with a Good Marine Polish all the time. Unprotected finishes allows the sun and ultra-violet light to dull and fade your boat allowing it to become oxidized and 'chalky'. Use either Captain Gary's MARINE BOAT POLISH or Captain Gary's PREMIUM GRADE BOAT POLISH on the gelcoat and painted surfaces of your boat. Captain Gary has several polishes designed for other specific type boats such as ALUMINUM BOAT POLISH, BASS BOAT POLISH, HANDRAIL CLEANER & DERUSTER and several others.

Keep your T-top in Top Notch Condition. T-tops, tuna towers and bimini tops all need special attention and care. The aluminum poles can quickly corrode and oxidize if left untreated and proper care is not used. If you tops are corroded and have a white build up, use Captain Gary's HANDRAIL CLEANER & DERUSTER. Apply a generous amount to the rails, lightly rub spots with a scotch pad, and then wipe off. This step may need to be repeated. Once the white corrosion and build up is removed, treat entire top with Captain Gary's ALUMINUM T-TOP & TOWER CLEANER / POLISH. For best results, treat all aluminum tubes, rails and pieces with Captain Gary's ALUMINUM T-TOP & TOWER CLEANER / POLISH on a regular basis.

Cleaning Stainless (and Aluminum) Handrails. Although it is said that stainless will not rust, we have found in the boating industry that stainless steel handrails will rust over a period of time. When this happens, use Captain Gary's HANDRAIL CLEANER & DERUSTER. For best results apply a small amount of Captain Gary's HANDRAIL CLEANER & DERUSTER to a cloth and wipe the rails down applying some pressure, this process may need to be repeated to completely remove the rust and make the rails look new again.

Use only Cleaners designed for Plexiglas or Eisenglass Materials. Using glass cleaners and other household type chemicals will scratch and cloud the Plexiglas windows and doors. The same goes for the Eisenglass curtains. Captain Gary's CLEAR PLASTIC CLEANER with WATER REPELLANT was specifically formulated for clear plastics and will not scratch or cloud them.

Use Fender Covers and Keep Fenders Clean. These are not just for appearance. They are soft and as such will not scratch the gel coat of the boat while keeping the boat from rubbing on pilings, docks and etc. Keeping the fenders clean will prevent dirt and grit from being ground into the gel coat. Use Captain Gary's FENDER & RUB RAIL CLEANER on a regular basis.

Keep your Bilges Clean. When it is time to clean your bilges use Captain Gary's ORANGE BILGE CLEANER which is made from all natural ingredients. The citrus solvent used does a remarkable job cleaning, oil, fuel and stains from bilges. Will not remove the paint from painted bilges.