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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: You claim that Captain Gary’s BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE can be safely used on every surface found on my boat. How is that possible?
A: The answer is very simple; your boat and most of the components found on your boat are all made from some type of plastic. The protective ingredients found in Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE works great on plastic surfaces. BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE's unique formula protects these types of surfaces and materials from the damaging UV rays from direct sunlight; it helps to keep salt, dirt, grease and oil from adhering to your boat, and it bonds to the gelcoat and painted surfaces better. Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE can and should be used to protect all of the surfaces of your boat. Use it on your seats, motor cover, trailer, windshield and every surface on your boat and boat trailer.

Q: Before switching to Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE I used another product for a few years. I believe your product last much longer than the other product did. Why and how does it last longer?
A: Yes it does last longer. BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE typically last longer than the other popular spray on wipe off type products on the market today. We have engineered and built BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE to bond better to the gelcoat surface rather than just laying on the surface. The secret is the ingredients we use in BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE and in our other polishes. These products naturally adhere better to plastic type materials such as gelcoat, vinyl, lexan and paint. Unlike other products, BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE leaves a thin protective film or coating that does not wash off as easily because it has a tighter and longer lasting bond.

Q: Since I started using Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE on a regular basis, my boat is much easier to clean up and it stays cleaner. Why is that?
A: Quite simple. Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE protects the gelcoat or painted surfaces by not allowing salt, dirt, grease, oil and other soils from adhering to the protective coating provided by BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE. This thin protective coating bonds tighter to the surface of your gelcoat or painted surface and remains in place much longer. It does not easily wash off while just navigating around in the water, thereby providing a much longer lasting protective coating on the gelcoat or painted surface. BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE allows fewer soils to adhere to the thin protective coating once it is on your boat. The soils that do stick are usually wiped off because they cannot permanently adhere to the protective coating created by BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE.

Q: I have noticed that my boat appears to be cleaner and the colors look more vivid since I started using Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE. How is this possible?
A: This is to be expected! Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE not only cleans the surface of the gelcoat, but it also cleans deep within the pores of your gelcoat. It does this much more thoroughly than other similar type spray and wipe products. By removing these minuscule dirt particles from your gelcoat, it gives your boats gelcoat a more vivid and brighter finish, leaving a deep lustrous' look, which by the way, last much longer that other similar type products.

Q: My boat finish has become dull and chalky. If I use Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE will it get rid of the chalkiness?
A: Probably not. Despite the fact that Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE is the best product of its kind on the market, it cannot perform miracles. Even though it has been used successfully to improve the look of slightly weathered and oxidized gelcoats; it cannot not repair damaged surfaces. But there is help! Captain Gary's popular FIBERGLASS REJUVENATOR can be easily applied, machine buffed and in most cases; it removes oxidation and returns the gelcoat finish close to its original luster. Using Captain Gary's PREMIUM GRADE BOAT POLISH and then using BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE after this restoration process will really help keep the finish looking great for many years.

Q: Your instructions say to spray Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE directly onto the boat in small sections and immediately after coming off the water. Can I spray it on my boat when the boat is dry?
A: The answer is yes. You can actually spray Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE directly on the boat or a cloth and whether the boat is wet or dry. It works well either way. BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE was made to be used at the boat ramp when the boat was still wet. However, it works extremely well under many conditions. The boat can be dry or wet and you can spray directly onto the boat or into a rag. Use BASS BOAT INSANT SHINE however you prefer to use it, obtaining the results you want. Try using it on your boat trailer, your truck, and or any plastic, gelcoat, or painted surface you may have. You will be amazed and excited about the results you get!

Q: Why is Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE better than other similar products on the market?
A: Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE addresses all of the elements that damage gelcoat and painted finishes. Direct sunlight, along with dust, dirt, oil and other harsh chemicals, will break down the gelcoat and painted finish making them look faded, causing them to become chalky and eventually cracked. This is the result of the surface being damaged and slowly eroding away. Automotive type waxes and polishes are typically used for most marine products as well. They will shine gel coat and painted surfaces, however their UV protection is very limited at best and they deteriorate rather quickly. These same automotive type products offer very little if any protection against dirt from building up in the pores found in gelcoat. Many of these products have harsh solvents in them as well. Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE's solution is quite simple. It is to provide the best UV protection possible, while keeping dirt and dust from sticking to the gelcoat or painted surface and to use cleaning agents that will not damage the gelcoat or painted surface. Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE does just that, by using a special blend of ingredients to protect and guard the gelcoat surface from degradation and oxidation. Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE forms a thin protective coating or film that provides excellent protection from the effects of UV exposure. Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE also provides anti-static agents which reduce the amount of dust and dirt that build up and foul these sensitive surfaces. Captain Gary's BASS BOAT INSTANT SHINE increases the gloss, smoothness and slipperiness of gelcoat and metal surfaces by providing a thin but highly lustrous protective film.